Global ACN Shortage - How to Solvent Use and Waste?

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Global ACN Shortage - How to Solvent Use and Waste? Empty Global ACN Shortage - How to Solvent Use and Waste?

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:00 am

Yes, this is true. We're in the middle of a worldwide acetonitrile shortage.

Acetonitrile is produced in relatively low volumes as a by-product of the production of acrylonitrile, which is used to make its polymer, polyacrylonitrile, a raw material in the manufacture of plastics. Global demand for acrylonitrile has reduced significantly due to the slow-down in consumer spending in sectors that use plastics, such as the automotive industry. Combined with global plant changes and outages, this has led to a worldwide acetonitrile shortage and supplies are now very limited.

Unsurprisingly, this shortage is affecting the price of acetonitrile, with sharp price increases now being experienced. It is therefore vital that steps are taken to redevelop methods using alternative solvents or at least to reduce the volume of acetonitrile used.

For more information on this topic, here are the following resources you can view supplied by Agilent Technologies

1. There is a very good web-link which will be constantly updated.
Please check this link periodically for new updates from Agilent for managing this ACN shortage problem.

2. A recorded e-seminar is also available on the Agilent website.
Agilent eSeminar - LC Columns for Reducing Solvent Use - Approaches to Limiting Solvent Use and Waste Maureen Joseph

3. A short podcast on this topic can be heard from the LCGC podcast series. (LCGC) podcast - Reducing Your Consumption of Acetonitrile by 50% - Maureen Joseph

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